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About me:



Hello my name is Shuuta I have been a fulltime freelance Illustrator/ Concept Artist for the last 5 years who was born in Japan and raised in Australia.

When I am not drawing I am singing, playing video games or watching true crime documentaries.


  • QUT Bachelor of Fine Arts Animation 2013-2017

  • Certificate IV Information Technology 2012-2013



  • Scripter at Genius inc Games (Mar-present)

<2021 Zines>

  • JoJo's Retro Adventure Zine (Merch Artist)

  • Aqua Zine (Merch Artist)

  • Hades Highschool (Page Artist)

  • Hubernie Fanbook (Page Artist)

<2020 >

  • Childrens book "Momma, There's a Lump in Our Bed"

  • 3D2Y a Rock Tribute to One Piece by MrLopez Album cover Design

  • "Half Awake" by MrLopez Album Cover Design

  • Twitch emotes for Pixel Witch

  • Promare Calendar

  • Started Fiverr Commissions (Dec2020-now)

<2020 Zines>

  • Summer's End Roxas Zine

  • Hearts Intertwined Zine

  • FMA Cookbook Recipe Card / Sticker sheet Design

  • Demon Slayer Harajuku Zine

  • In The Boundary (Toilet Bound Hanako) Merch artist Sticker sheet and Badge

  • Vocaloid: Horror Zine Page artist

  • PersonaloidZine Page Artist

  • Goro Akechi Pallette Zine 2 page Artist

  • Cloud/Tifa Zine (18+) Zine page artist

  • Carol & Tuesday Zine Desktop Wallpaper artist

  • Umbrella Academy Zine page artist

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses Afterlife Zine page artist

  • Beginning of forever Final Fantasy15 (18+) Zine page artist

  • A3 storybook zine page artist

<2020 Exhibition/Market>

  • Melbourne Supanova (Mar)​

  • Gold Coast Supanova (Mar)


  • Yay Face Beauty Brand logo  Design (December)

  • Creed of Culture logo Design (November)

  • Creating Culture Book Cover (November)

  • Concert Merchandise design for Singer Dianna Garnett (May)

<2019 Zines>

  • BNHA Pop Zine

  • Scape Zine

  • ​Summers End: Roxas Zine

  • Next to you Zine

  • Hinata Zine

  • We got your back Zine

  • Insomnia High Zine

  • Komahina Zine

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Zine(May)

  • Persona Boys and Girls Zine (Jan)

<2019 Exhibition/Market>

  • Bris Asia Festival(Feb)

  • Japan and Friends day (Gold Coast) (Mar)

  • Gold Coast Supanova (April)

  • Sydney Smash (July)

  • Comic Street Brisbane (August)

  • Pop n' Play (art demonstration (August)

  • Melbourne Madman Anime Fest (September)

  • Brisbane Supanova (2019)


  • Intern at Like a Photon March2018-June 2018 

  • Children's book illustrator for Like a Photon (Kindergo book "Sea Sick Stu) July 2018-August 2018 

  • Freelance motion graphics artist September 2018-October 2018

<2018 Exhibition/Market>

  • Supa Nova Brisbane November 2018

  • Sydney Smash July 2018


  • Character Designer for an indie web series 2017

  • Freelance Young Adults book cover Illustration 2017

  • Concert Merchandise design for Singer Dianna Garnett (May)

<2017 Exhibition/Market>

  • Gold Coast Supanova (April)


  • In-between animator for Like A Photon (Evil GoGo Pilot) 2 months

  • In-between animator for University final short One Small Step 

  • Storyboard artist for 3D animation Deep Sea Astronaut 

Main Software:

After Effects


Clip Studio Paint Ex




Japanese (fluent) English (fluent)


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